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Inside Out’

  • Coordinated an Event cum Fashion Show called ‘Inside Out’ at Club DXO as part of the module Promotion and Coordination at Raffles Design. Apple Ipod, PLATO the make up Academy, Red sponsored our show.

Nine West

  • Coordination and Garment Selection for the Nine West Fashion Show

Singapore Fashion Festival 2006

  • Took part in the Singapore Fashion Festival 2006as a dresser backstage

Urstyle Fashion Mannequin Contest Competition 2007

  • Won for office wear category, style mannequins with sponsored apparel and accessories within a time frame.

Savaal … The Fashion Challenge Nov 2007 to Jan 2008

I won a Competition on Singapore’s National Television. As an award I was honored with a contract with one of Tamil film industry’s most reputable production houses Sathiya Jyothi Films in Chennai to design for their upcoming feature film Baana Kaathadi.

“Savaal”…The Fashion Challenge is a fashion design Competition cum reality series. The fashion design competition was opened to all fashion designers/students in Singapore. Among many four of us were short listed and selected. Four design students including myself were featured in Singapore’s National Television Channel, Vasantham TV. The reality series, which made is debut on 26 January 2008 consisted of 10-episodes, a semi-final special episode and a 1 hour finale round episode.

Part of this challenge required us to stay in Chennai, India for 3 weeks. We were assigned the tasks to design costumes for selected scenes for actors and actresses starring in the new Southern Indian Tamil feature film – Jayam Kondan Tasks included purchasing materials, sketching, styling, embellishing etc. There were 2 main rounds each assessed by leading designers of the Tamil Film Industry, Mr Chaitanya Rao and Mrs Rehane Yavar Dalwar. Each of us had to create a total of 8 garments for the finale round. The finale round was held in Mediacorp studios Singapore. Our designs were judged by T.G Thyiagarajan Sir , the producer/CEO of Sathiya Jyothi Films, My Chaitanya Rao and Mrs Rehane Yavar Dalwar.

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